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Discover everything that a Cunard Cruise can offer you

luxury and elegance

An unbeliavable adventure is about to begin...

Cruising in one of our 3 Queens is an unforgettable experience. Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth will be your home as long as the cruise lasts. Always with a luxurious White Star Service that will be there to help you with everything you need.

You can travel around the world, encounter unforgettable ports, discover new & ancient cultures and so much more whilst you sail to your next destination.


10 years sailing the world.

Queen Elizabeth, a unique experience aboard a ship that turns 10 years offering trips to wonderful destinations.

life on board

A Cunard cruise offers you a great variety of possibilities while you sail to your next destination


Endless possibilities

In a Cunard Cruise, every passanger can do whatever they want whenever they want, depending on their tastes, but you will always find something to do.

From body treatments at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club, disovering the only Planetarium at sea, learn how to make a Martini or a cocktail, take singing lessons and  so much more...

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